Some FREQUENTLY asked questions?

FAQ - Wedding Couples

Will we meet all the suppliers featured on your website at each WedFest?

Unfortunately, all our current venues have a restriction on the number of suppliers it can hold. Because of this we rotate suppliers at each fair.

Do we have to arrive by the start time of the wedding fair?

Nope, you can turn up at any point. Just make sure you leave enough time to talk at the end, as we generally have to start packing up at the finish time.

Does it cost to attend a wedding fair?

All our couples are welcome to attend free of charge. There may be opportunities to donate in the church venues we use.

FAQ - Suppliers & Venues

Can you bring WedFest to my venue?

Absolutely. WedFest is designed to fit in any venue with a straightforward planning and marketing strategy.

I am a local supplier and would like to be involved?

That’s wonderful. If you go to the contact page and send us a message.

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